The Broadway Extension will provide fast, reliable and accessible transit to one of the busiest destinations in the region.

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Support a growing regional corridor

Central Broadway is the second largest employment centre in B.C., after downtown Vancouver. Half of all people working in Central Broadway come from outside of Vancouver.

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Meet the needs of today and tomorrow

Metro Vancouver will welcome one million new residents and 600,000 new jobs over the next 30 years. The Broadway Extension will be a critical part of the transportation system our region needs to keep people and goods moving and to support a vibrant and growing economy.

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Support the environment

Electrically-powered SkyTrain beneath Broadway is an efficient and low emissions way for people to travel through the city.

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Improve affordability and access

Extending rapid transit adds to regional affordability through reduced transportation costs and better access to more affordable housing choices.

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SkyTrain tunnel

SkyTrain for the Broadway Corridor

TransLink’s UBC Line Rapid Transit Study evaluated approximately 200 options, considering bus, light rail, and rail rapid transit technologies to address the transit needs of the Broadway corridor.

Further technical analysis then sought to identify a solution to address the most critical gap in Metro Vancouver’s rapid transit network, balance transportation priorities, and provide the greatest benefits for the corridor, region, and province.

Based on this comprehensive work, an underground SkyTrain extension to Arbutus Street was identified as the best solution to meet growing demand.

A tunnelled option has several benefits:

  • Fast, frequent, reliable SkyTrain service for the Central Broadway economic and health hub
  • Meets growing transit demand today and in the future
  • Seamlessly connects with the Millennium Line
  • Provides a second integrated underground connection between the Millennium Line and Canada Line
  • Relieves congestion to keeps people, goods and the economy moving

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