Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Millennium Line Broadway Extension?

The Broadway Extension will extend SkyTrain service from VCC–Clark Station to a new station at Arbutus. The new, 5.7-kilometre line will be primarily tunneled, with six new underground stations at Great Northern Way and near the major intersections at Main, Cambie, Oak, Granville and Arbutus streets.

When will the project be built?

We are in the pre-construction stage, planning, designing, and gathering public feedback on the new extension to prepare for construction, once project funding is confirmed. Construction is expected to take five to six years.

How much will the project cost?

The work underway is helping to define the project costs. We are considering capital and operating costs, including implementation timing, exchange rates, project scope and design parameters. Cost estimates will continue to be refined as the project proceeds through more detailed planning and design. The total cost of the Millennium Line Broadway Extension is estimated at $2.83 billion, pending final funding approvals by senior governments. The cost estimate may be refined through additional technical analysis, public input and design modifications. The estimate will be finalized at the end of the procurement process.

What will it be like to travel through the Broadway corridor during construction?

Work is underway to listen to the needs and concerns of people living, doing business, working, studying, and attending appointments in the corridor. We are also learning from past projects, and reviewing best practices from around the world to find solutions to keep the Corridor open and accessible during construction.

Will the line go to UBC?

The Broadway Extension will extend SkyTrain service from VCC–Clark Station to a new station at Arbutus. A second phase of the Broadway Extension to UBC is being considered as part of the region’s longer-term planning. The 99 B-Line service will continue serving UBC from the new terminus station at Arbutus Street.

How will this extension connect to the Millennium Line?

The Broadway Extension will connect with the Millennium Line at VCC–Clark Station, and be an integrated part of TransLink’s regional network. You can expect to have the same customer experience on the extension as you have today on the rest of the line.

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