The Broadway Extension will be a direct extension of the Millennium Line. Continuing from VCC–Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 700 metres, the extension will then travel approximately 5 km beneath Broadway. The project includes 6 new stations, ending at Arbutus Street.

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Millennium Line Broadway Extension map

Broadway Extension

Phase 1: Millennium Line Broadway Extension to Arbutus

  • 700 m elevated guideway leading to approximately 5 km of track extending from VCC–Clark to Arbutus under Broadway

  • Six underground stations near major intersections

  • B-Line bus service between Arbutus Street and UBC

  • Direct underground connection between Canada Line and Millennium Line

Phase 2: Rapid Transit to UBC

A future phase of investment will connect rapid transit all the way to the University of British Columbia’s Point Grey campus.

Why is the Broadway Extension only going from VCC–Clark Station to Arbutus in phase 1?

Traffic is most congested along Broadway between Commercial Drive and Arbutus Street, resulting in longer and less predictable travel times than from Arbutus to UBC. An improved 99 B-Line bus service between Arbutus and UBC will continue to provide service.

47 per cent of 99 B-Line passengers end their journey between Main Street and Arbutus

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